Campus and the City

In the book ‘Campus and the City’, edited by Kees Christiaanse and Kerstin Hoeger, renowned experts present and comment on current trends in campus design worldwide. Details of thirty outstanding campuses – be these greenfield, inner-city, high-tech or corporate – shed light on possible future trends and on how these relate to the urban context.

Restructuring outdated postwar campuses and establishing new university and commercial districts, especially in emerging Asian nations, requires fresh approaches and a clear vision of spatial and programmatic interrelationships. In addition, corporations and academic institutions alike are increasingly seeking strategies capable of encouraging innovation and synergy in their research centres, often drawing on the existing potential of their surroundings. This volume addresses important aspects of new conceptions of the campus – ranging from forms of spatial organisation that promote internal knowledge transfer and social interaction, to different types of urban design strategies aimed at creating sustainable centres of knowledge and learning that are responsive to society’s ever changing demands.

Publisher gta Verlag, Zurich
Program Book publication on current trends in campus design
Time 2007
Role Editor (Kees Christiaanse in cooperation with Kerstin Hoeger)
Contributors Edzo Bindels; Kees Christiaanse; Janne Corneil; Andrea Deplazes; Gunter Henn; Kerstin Hoeger; Edo Hofland; Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani; Wilhelm Natrup; Werner Oechslin; Philip Parsons; Gerhard Schmitt; Remo Steinmetz; Zhu Wenyi; Riken Yamamoto; Art Zaaijer