Campus Muttenz [CH]

The main faculties of the Hochschule Nordwestschweiz will be situated in Muttenz with the aim to create one educational cluster which will combine college units, secondary education and optional also university facilities in one spot.
The urban concept is based on three developing areas: The existing commercial industrial area along the railroad will be further developed programmatically and typologically to a buffer zone. The extension of FHNW and the schools will be developed side by side on available parcels between the two main access roads. Between these two areas, a central zone with overall functions for schools, service, commercial and housing will be provided. The new quarter will arise to a center for education, research and cultural activities.
The spatial connection between the center and the train station will be improved by new design of the street space and implementation of attractive functions and signs. The clear hierarchy and differentiation of space will contribute to clear addressing and orientation.

Client Canton Basel, Municipality Muttenz
Program Campus with 122.000 m2 floor space area, mixed use housing, office and commercial
Time 2008 - 2009
Role Urban planner
Participating parties Buchhofer Barbe AG