Business Hub St. Petersburg [RU]

The new Business Hub, a multifunctional cluster consisting of three volumes and a patio, is located in the periphery of St. Petersburg as part of a commercial zone that forms the edge of an industrial area next to a residential neighbourhood.

The client’s desire to compensate for the lack of multifunctional architecture in the area and the request for a flexible program of rentable spaces led to the proposal of a modular building constellation.

The design comprises a permanent building made of concrete and two temporary and identical steel buildings connected by an atrium. Each building can be divided into three separate units while the temporary cluster provides additional, individually rentable office spaces on the top floor. The architectural approach allows for a substantial extension of the useable surface from 2.000 to 5.000 m2. Therefore, the Business Hub can efficiently respond to future changes and adaptions like installing or removing internal walls and mezzanines to accommodate the varying needs of new tenants. Next to that, the two temporary buildings can be disassembled and moved to be used on a different location.

The constellation of buildings is implemented into a landscape design that anticipates on all logistic requirements while providing a pleasant environment. The patio, as an external green space, has a unique function in the overall project. It forms an integral unity with the permanent building and guarantees a volumetric balance between the permanent and the temporary buildings. Also, the patio provides an inviting entrance to the complex. Potentially equipped with a restaurant, the patio works as a meeting point for people in the neighbourhood.

The aspired coherence of the building cluster is achieved by the uniform treatment of all facades, including the patio. It strengthens the idea that all elements together form a bigger entity and, in the dark hours when the light shines through the perforated metal sheets, it transforms the Business Hub into a welcoming lantern and landmark in the area.



Client PerviyBasis, St. Petersburg

Program 3 multifunctional buildings and a patio on a 10.410 m2 plot, consisting of a permanent building of 720 m2 extendable to 1.440m2, 2 temporary buildings of 2.400m2 extendable to 3.600 m2, atrium of 450 m2

Time 2020 – present, permanent building realised in 2021

Role Architect in cooperation with schiemann weyers architects

Participating parties IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs (structural engineering), Techniplan (MEP)