Breevaarthoek Gouda [NL]

The Breevaarthoek project consists of an apartment building with 23 apartments and two penthouses, 28 ‘drive-in’ dwellings, and a modest commercial space. The site, known as Rutgesterrein, is located on the outskirts of Gouda where the peat moors meet the city. It is framed by two roads and a waterway. The complex thus forms a border between the city and nature, and between water and land. Using this edge condition as a point of departure, the project incorporates urban, rural and water references. The project adapts to its environment, adjusting its form to the surrounding conditions with regard to sunlight, access and water views.

The triangular site informed the division of the project into three sections, each with its own dwelling type. To the south, an apartment building along the short edge of the triangle faces the road, acting as a noise barrier. The other two sides of the triangle consist of low-rise, car accessible dwellings, with the east façade intimately connected to the water’s edge. These two edges, one along the water and one along the road, are divided into 18 water dwellings and 10 garden dwellings with a separated private garden. Landscape references are employed throughout, such as the wooden docks at the edge of the water. All of the dwellings look onto a reed garden at the centre of the plan.

The project is robust in form and materialization. Despite the different dwelling types and forms, the project uses the same type of light-coloured rough brick with wood framed windows throughout to form a unified whole. The natural colours of the materials allows the project to settle naturally into its surroundings.

Client Bouwgroep Ouwe Gouwe, Gouda
Program 1 ha residential development with 6.070 m2 gfa for 52 residential units and commercial facilities
Time 1997 - 2001
Role Architect