Brazza Nord Bordeaux [FR]

The masterplan for Brazza Nord prescribes the transformation of the Garonne waterfront on a 67 ha area within Bastide Brazza Nord, a 120 ha former industrial area between the river Garonne and an abandoned railway area. The urban strategy will combine new urban mixed-use functions with re-used abandoned infrastructures and is based on an integrated environmental approach to ground pollution and flood risk. The program consists of about 600.000 m2 of housing, offices, industrial and public facilities and new public spaces to be implemented on the old industrial riverbank and the abandoned railway area.

In the end of 2012 a new bridge - ‘Bacalan Bastide’ - will connect the right and left bank of the Garonne river. This connection will change the relationship of the right side of the river and the rest of the city. It is considered as a key opportunity for the regeneration of the surrounding communities and will have an important impact on the entire region. A framework of qualitative public spaces benefits of the privileged landscape situation, opening new connections between the river Garonne, the existing neighbourhoods and the surrounding hills.

The masterplan for Brazza-Nord within the larger region defines a mosaic of character zones with different atmospheres, densities, functions and typologies. The development potential sets broad conditions for a quality urban lifestyle, local involvement and cohesion, where it will be possible to produce, trade, recreate and live in all stages of life.

Client Ville de Bordeaux, Communauté Urbaine de Bordeaux
Program 67 ha transformation of waterfront with 600.000 m2 for mixed-use urban functions within a 120 ha larger study area
Time 2011 - 2012
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties Mutabilis (landscape), Ingerop (engineering), Oasiis (sustainability), BMA (programmation)