Borneo Sporenburg Amsterdam [NL]

Borneo Sporenburg is located uin the former harbour area of Amsterdam. The municipality of Amsterdam and landscape architects West 8 designed the urban plan for this residential neighbourhood with a housing density of 100 dwellings per hectare, most of which are groundaccessed. In our design, the dwellings stand back to back in a block 24 metres deep and the traditional garden has been replaced by patios on the second floor. Cars are completely hidden from view in the internal parking garage and all dwellings have a living space on the ground floor. The block has an east-west orientation and contains 44 dwellings. The northern dwellings face the water and have a double-height glazed front with a void and a roof terrace in the middle of the block. The southern dwellings have a roof terrace on an alleyway, which gives rise to a staggered frontage. The individuality of the dwellings is emphasized on both sides by the indented front elevations. Because of their open relationship with the ground floor, the living rooms on the first floor have flexible layouts. The western head end of the block contains apartments and the entrance to the parking garage.


Client Smits Bouwbedrijf, Beverwijk
Program 44 dwellings, commercial space and public ammenities
Time 1994 - 1998
Role Architect