Bordeaux Euratlantique Saint-Jean Belcier [FR]

Saint-Jean Belcier is the core strategic site of the project Euratlantique for the revival of the Bordeaux agglomeration.

The area of intervention comprises a group of fragmented zones next to the Saint-Jean station and the Garonne. Their current lack of coherence and structure constitutes a major urban discontinuity. In the context of the station remodelling, our ambition is to structure this territory around a public space, thus reinforcing its coherence; and to reassert its value by providing identity and anchorage to the urban fabric of Bordeaux. For us, the underlying qualities need to be emphasized on every opportunity to create mixed and diverse districts.

This delicate interplay with the existing fabric produces and favours gentle mutations where things fall well in place, while it stimulates broad transformation where deep change is possible and necessary. From this results an urban mosaic that associates sustainable urban lifestyle with strong quality of life: being free and able to move, to live, to work, and to relax in a welcoming, original and creative environment.


Client Etablissement public d’aménagement de Bordeaux-Euroatlantique
Program 162 ha development and urbanisation of the zone located next to the station Saint-Jean Belcier of which 60 ha changeable on short or long term
Time 2010
Role Urbanist
Participating parties Mutabilis (landscape), Oasiis (environment), STC (infrastructure and transport), Ingerop (infrastructure and transport), CBRE (real estate consultant), Antea (environment)