Beijing River Creative Zone Beijing [CN]

The campus masterplan is one of the first projects within various ambitious plans for the regeneration of Yanqing County to the North East of Beijing close to the Great Wall. The project defines ambition and standards for future development.
Situated at the riverfront and at the edge of the town, the campus provides connection to the river. It enables the continuity of the landscape along the river into the central zone of the town and celebrates the beauty of the adjacent landscape and creates a high quality public space asset for the whole city.

The campus provides a multiplicity of environments in order to sparkle creativity of the researchers: Environments to work, meet, think, contemplate, exhibit, discuss and celebrate. In the urban layout, three main areas in west-eastern direction are envisioned to react to these needs: a production zone, an exchange zone and a contemplative zone.

As catalysts of urban activity four main buildings, situated at the key places, are designated as key carriers of identity: An ‘Art Colony’ at the western edge of the site, a Congress Centre and a Museum in the middle and the Hotel at the eastern edge of the planning area. The main public space framework connects all main features of the project and supports the mix of uses in the program.





Client BIAD
Program Masterplan for research and design campus; ca 150.000 m2
Time 2009
Role Masterplanner