Baltimore Rotterdam [NL]

On the Baltimore plot on Rotterdam's Wilhelminapier a new tower with 50.000 m2 will arise. Developer Provast performed a feasability study for the implementation of a mixed-use program including apartments, offices, restaurants, recreation facilities and parking on Rotterdam’s Wilhelminapier. The former harbor pier is part of the redevelopment of Kop van Zuid which has started in the late 1980’s with the aim to redevelop Rotterdam’s abandoned harbor areas for living and working. Famous Hotel New York is located there and various high-rise buildings by internationally renowned architects like Rem Koolhaas, Sir Norman Foster, Alvaro Siza, Mecanoo and Renzo Piano.

The location of Baltimore enjoys magnificent views towards the river Maas, being located between the World Port Center and the Cruise Terminal. The building offers various types of units ranging from 135 – 270 m2. Depending on the particular market development those units can be used either as apartments or office spaces. Each unit has its own balcony and maximum transparency to provide for panoramic views.  

On the ground floor the main entrance and lobby is located. Additionally, and as conceptional difference to its neighboring towers, the program contains two-storey studios of 150 m2 of size that can be flexibly used for living and working. The top floor of the tower will house a rooftop restaurant.

Program 50.000 m2 tower with living/working units (135 m2 – 270 m2), restaurants, recreation facilities, parking (underground and above ground)
Time 2012 - 2016
Role Architect