Bahia de Pasaia San Sebastian [ES]

The 70 ha site at the 'Bahia de Pasaia' (Bay of Pasaia), San Sebastian is currently used for harbor activity and will gradually become available for redevelopment. The project is considered as a key opportunity for the surrounding communities which are in need of regeneration and will have an important impact on the entire region.
The masterplan defines an archipelago of varied waterfront developments, setting broad conditions for local involvement of the different communities. The urban plan provides the local communities with space to grow and possibilities to extend their identity and exploit their diversity. The growth is concentrated around public transport hubs. The different character zones are unified by a public space network around the docks and along green boulevards. Within this robust structure, a sensitive network of public spaces is formed, allowing current and new inhabitants to enjoy the water for leisure and recreation. Around the bay, new landmark buildings such as a cultural centre and a maritime museum will become regional destinations. Clusters of new economic activities will generate new employment in a broad range of sectors.

Client Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa
Program 70 ha masterplan with 840.000 m2 built area for residential and commercial use, parks
Time 2009 - 2011
Role Masterplanner
Participating parties LKS (engineering, sociology and urban economics); Hoz-Fontan (local architect); ECOFYS (sustainability consultancy)