AVIC Hongdu Old Factory Nanchang [CN]

The ‘Hongdu Old Factory’ masterplan is an example of sensitive and contextual urban transformation. It envisions the metamorphosis of the former centre of China’s military aviation industry (AVIC) into a multifaceted urban centre surrounded by distinct neighbourhoods.

To escape the sameness of current urban development in China the masterplan carefully builds on the site structure and its contextual qualities. Existing landscapes are the base for the new open space network. Industrial buildings are reused and transformed to become visitor attractions or home to new commercially viable uses. New Hongdu Centre is focused around public transport. It integrates an attractive pedestrian realm of boulevards and human scale open spaces with commercial, office and residential uses. The surrounding neighbourhoods complement this urban heart. The Pilot Park is an open space that carries the history of the site into the future of Hongdu

Client Jiangxi AVIC International Hongdu Investment Co., Ltd., Nanchang
Program 295 ha transformation masterplan for commercial, offices and residential uses and public spaces
Time 2011
Role Masterplanner