Aeschbach-Quartier Aarau [CH]

'Aeschbach-Quartier' Aarau, a mixed used urban working and living area, will arise next to the station of Aarau, a city one hour from Zürich. The new city quarter will form a link between the large grain and more dense new urban developments and former industrial areas around the station and the small grain residential areas imbedded in green and park like surroundings. The former industrial site next to the rail tracks and to the new planned stadium will be transformed into an dense urban colorful city quarter providing two in the future three different character areas: an urban, an industrial and a garden village. With a great diversity of different working and living typologies and a big range of different commercial program on ground level it will satisfy the demands of modern urban lifestyles combining them with the qualities to live between different types of gardens, urban to suburban style.

The different character areas are organized around the central park. An urban inner boulevard will connect from the east entrance, lead along a variety of gastronomic and commercial program to the pulsing heart of the Aeschbachhalle and further to the green heart. From all sites the central Program of the Aeschbachhalle is visible and accessible. Several different types of residential developments can be envisioned.

Client Mobimo
Program 5 ha master plan for a former industrial area with a mixed-use program of living, office and commerce; ca. 50.000 m2
Time 2011 - present
Role urban design, supervision, architect
Participating parties
Schweingruber Zulauf (landscape architect), Raumanzug (sustainability expert), Bosshardt&Partner (cost advisors)
Awards Competition 1st prize