2Amsterdam Amsterdam [NL]

2Amsterdam is the redevelopment of two office towers from the 1980’s. These originally mono-functional twins will be transformed to meet the BREEAM Excellent  standards and become a 24/7 destination. The program consists of a corporate garden, public lobbies, flexible workspaces, A-class offices, cafeteria facilities, 4-star hotel with a skybar overlooking the center of Amsterdam. The ensemble is located at the heart of Zuidas, the no. 1 business district of the Netherlands. Situated next to the highway, a train-, metro- and bus station and Schiphol Airport, the ensemble has excellent accessibility.

The program consists mainly of hotel and office spaces with additionally special functions highlighted in the volume. The concept aims to differentiate the towers and their program but at the same time underlining their character as a building ensemble. The western tower will host the hotel. It will be extended with 3 floors and will offer an unobstructed view from the skybar. The eastern tower will contain office spaces. Enlarged with a horizontal volume it will provide for floor plates fitting for A-class multi-tenant office space. Next to this, a big atrium slices through the new volume bringing daylight deep into the building and creating interaction between the floors.

The continuous flush glass façade establishes unity between the buildings. By clearly defining the plot boundary and encapsulating the towers into one ensemble, an urban block is created that can compete with the surrounding large building complexes. The enclosed outdoor space will accommodate an intimate corporate garden with lush green. This semi-public oasis will become a unique location within the dense urban space of the Zuidas area.



Client CRI/Provast
Program Transformation and extension of two office buildings with a total of 50.000 m2 for hotel and office use, a semi-public open space and underground parking facilities
Time 2014 – present
Role Architect