1A Pervomajskaya Tyumen [RU]

The new multifunctional city block is situated in the heart of the Siberian city Tyumen. It lies between the station area and the newly developed river bank, in close proximity to the commercial and cultural center. A new road connection to the river bridge runs through the MFC development giving it an important and prominent position. The modern block strives to be a strong, yet well balanced ensemble in the existing cityscape. It is composed of three separate building that form a unique new ensemble. Their relatedness is readable in the facades composition and materialization. Although they are individual buildings they form a powerful and playful city block. The volumes of the building vary in height. Result is a more animated city block that manages to connect to the surrounding buildings as well as it creates a more varied street elevation. The distances between the volumes are well proportioned and allow for interesting views through and into the block. Whereas the office building forms a new outstanding landmark, the two L-shaped apartments building are used to define the other plot edges. The courtyard that is created by this configuration, offers a new rather intimate spatial quality that is new to this location and makes it an exciting new place to be.

Client Brusnika
Program Multifunctional city block with office, apartment and retail functions on a common parking garage incl. a public park
Office building: 20.400m2 GFA
Apartments: 14.800m2 GFA, 91 apart.
Parking garage: 14.400m2 GFA
Time 2013 - present
Role Architect & urban planner
Participating parties Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, Rotterdam (landscape)