‘Living in the City': DIRK ROOSENBURG lecture by Irma van Oort

Living in the city. How do we make the city attractive and liveable? How do we make the city ready for the future?

Irma van Oort, partner of KCAP, was invited as speaker of the 4th Dirk Roosenburg lecture at the official award ceremony of the biannial Dirk Roosenburg Prize on Thursday October 14th in Eindhoven to reflect about current topics in urban development and the role and significance of architecture. Irma van Oort followed up previous speakers Floris Alkemade ((as former Chief Government Architect), David Gianotten (OMA) and Elma van Boxel (ZUS).

In her lecture, Irma van Oort addressed the topic of ‘Living in the city’, in a moment, we are facing the urgent need to densify cities to answer the shortage of housing and good urban living spaces. And in a moment that climate change is affecting the quality of living in the city. How can urban densification deal with these evident challenges? How can high-rise serve as tool to create a compact yet sustainable, diverse, and future-proof cities? After all, the city is about offering attractive and safe places for people to live and work and above all feel at ease, now and for future generations. In essence, Irma refers to what the Dirk Roosenburgprijs stands for when awarding projects that have a positive impact on the identity and use of the city and thereby stimulating spatial quality in Eindhoven.

This year, the jury selected the community centre 't Karregat, renovated by diederendirrix and architecten|en|en as the winner.

The Dirk Roosenburgprijs is hosted by the Municipality of Eindhoven and organised by Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven.


Photography by Jasper Scheffers