Knowledge sharing by KCAP in China

As an associate partner at KCAP, Ya-Hsin Chen from our Shanghai office has been invited to three high-ranked events in Mainland China to share her knowledge regarding water-related and climate-adaptive urban design our office is internationally known for.

Friday, September 10, she has participated in the opening event of Dutch Days 2021 in Guangzhou. Organized by the Dutch Embassy and Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute, the Sino-Dutch event deals with the topic "Design by Water." KCAP can share success stories in creating co-existing space between humankind and water in the cities, emphasizing the role of water in sustainable development, as well as our contributions to the recent development of Blueway Masterplan in Shenzhen since 2019 which has been considered as new type of grand projects in China. 

On Thursday, September 16, Ya-Hsin is invited as a guest speaker to join Nengshi Zheng's talk "Urban Development under Extreme Storm events" during the online event "Ecology Summit of Open Water." Nengshi Zheng has been working as a water expert and collaborated with KCAP for several projects in China. The summit will look into the practice of Watershed Water System Governance and stimulate reflections on how to deal with too little or too much water in a moment where climate change and its consequences are becoming more and more evident. For more information see the dedicated website.

The Annual National Planning Conference on September 28 will see Ya-Hsin involved as an expert for design practices that respond to climate change. It is the most significant and highest-level academic Chinese event in the field of urban planning and is an exchange platform for experts from all over the world. Ya-Hsin’s talk “Plan with Nature” will focus on the spatial aspects of climate change. The aim is to call for professional and public attention to the role of systematic and comprehensive design approach in this transiting nature. For more information see the dedicated website.

We are proud to be part of those events, joining other specialists and stakeholders in finding solutions for the enormous challenges our profession has to face to shape a future-proof habitat.

If you want to know more about our water-related projects in China, please check out our projects East Dike, Guangming Reservoir and Chishi River Waterfront.