East Dike wins third prize at Rethinking The Future

Very proud that our Triple-Dike project in Shenzhen (CN) won third prize at Rethinking The Future 2021!

Team KCAP+Felixx developed a new dike typology considering the local and social context of the existing coastal communities. The project integrates water safety strategies with ecological shoreline restoration, seawall construction, landscape, and public space remodeling. It recreates the tourism identity of Dapeng and promotes local economic development. On the premise of ecology and safety, it combines local culture with the geographical environment and shows the coastline's beauty and diversity.

According to the jury, East Dike is "a visionary project" and is "[…] defining new architectural language[…]".

Congratulations to our clients and collaborators: Water resource bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, China Resources Land Urban Operation Management, Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, Shenzhen Hope Design, CCCC Water Transportation Consultants and Deltares.