Highest point The Student Hotel Delft reached

With a height of 34,5 meters the highest point of The Student Hotel Delft has been reached. The Student Hotel is located centrally in the Nieuw Delft area development and will become a new meeting place in the city to live, work and study. The diversity of functions greatly contributes to the dynamics of the station area.

Our design integrates various facilities in an ensemble that consists of a varied plinth and a middle section two towers on top. The distinction between these three separately designed building components is now clearly visible. In the plinth, storey-high glass panels and concrete columns alternate. The middle part is more solidly materialized in an earthy colour. The towers on top, on the other hand, have an opener character.

The hybrid hotel concept combines high-end hotel functions with high-quality short- and long-stay facilities. The ensemble includes a gym, bar-restaurant and a library. In addition, the program includes gaming and lounge rooms as well as a number of meeting and conference facilities. Part of the hotel is also an underground car park with a bicycle storage. The public hotel functions are situated on the ground floor with various types of hotel rooms and suites above. The transparent design of the plinth activates the adjacent future park zone.

In addition to community building and social interaction, sustainability is an important focus in the design. The integral consideration of sustainability objectives has resulted in a 'BREEAM Very Good' certificate.

KCAP works together with The Student Hotel, Municipality of Delft, BAM Bouw en Techniek – Projecten and Bectro Installatie Techniek and The Invisible Party (interior).

Read more in the official press release (Dutch): The Student Hotel Delft reaches highest point