Guangming Reservoir Blueway Masterplan selected as winning proposal

KCAP has won the competition organized by the Shenzhen Water Bureau regarding a new masterplan for the Guangming Reservoir, the largest drinking water storage of Shenzhen for the years to come. Its unique natural landscape offers a strong attraction for the citizens. The announcement underlines the importance of KCAP’s innovative and sustainable planning approach in China.

Blueway Masterplan are ongoing projects in Guangdong province in Shenzhen which aim to renew the existing blue and green network of the city to provide more accessible, beautiful, vibrant and diverse public space for its citizens. KCAP's proposal for the Guangming Reservoir Blueway Competition has been selected from the three finalists chosen by the tender committee. The competition has been organized by Shenzhen Water Bureau, with whom KCAP is already working for the Shenzhen East Dike project.

The Guangming Reservoir is an artificial lake created to provide drinking water for the Shenzhen area. The main topic is here how to guarantee its water safety and environmental quality, while fulfilling the need for further development,

The reservoir is enclosed by a mountainous surrounding, which has a lot of potential for ecology and leisure. One of the strategies was re-establishing a natural connection between the mountain, the reservoir, and the riverside ecosystem. All this while maintaining the multiple landscapes and the characteristics around the lake and proposing ideal and pioneering comprehensive solutions for Guangming's development.

Focusing on new values, the proposal goes beyond conventional development models and considers ecological conservation and economic development. So the planners have looked into a modern version of the Chinese classical landscape model to find a way to integrate the new needs with the natural elements.

Focusing on the four core issues of urban development, water safety, ecology, and the lake's value for the people, we have proposed four visions. These include providing the city with a lake, allowing flexible management, and creating a place where you can find tranquility and brightness.

We proposed five design plans based on natural systems and with full respect for local species. The urban design and landscape approach to these areas is based on "acupuncture." That means that valuable and vulnerable areas should be preserved, and facilities, like tourist infrastructure or services, should be carefully placed in the landscape. An inventory of the site serves to set a framework, while specific natural processes and elements will be deployed to “create" more nature.

The winning proposal for the Guangming Reservoir Blueway Masterplan aims to combine the western side with its urban character and the more natural eastern side of the artificial lake. The idea is to create an environment that serves not only as a reservoir for drinking water but can also become a resource for the leisure time of residents and a paradise for local species. For the jury experts, “the vision and translation to spatial strategies are strong and convincing: a powerful creation of water and forest urbanism, catering to both human and non-human species.”

KCAP team will be leading the design revision work in the conceptual design stage and involving as the supervisor role in the SD and DD stage towards implementation together with Shenzhen Water Bureau, Guangming district government, and the local team.

Multidisciplinary team

Masterplan: KCAP (lead design)

Landscape: HOPE landscape & architecture

Water: PADDI Environment Consulting

Nengshi Zheng, Jie chen

Ecology: Lvye Qingwei, Caiwei Gu, Faxiang Hu

Engineer: Beijing Engineering Corporation Ltd.