East Dike Shenzhen starts to gain international recognition!

East Dike Shenzhen is shortlisted for the World Landscape Architecture Awards 2020, nominated as laureate in the Eurasian Prize 2019-2020, currently exhibited in Roca Gallery London’s exhibition 'Sea Change: Flood Resilient Architecture for the 21st Century' and selected for the ‘water as leverage’ exhibition of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam up from September 2020!

The project team enjoys the appreciation of the international experts and juries. Up from May 1st, the demonstration zone of Shenzhen’s Eastern seawall reconstruction project will be open to the public, welcoming visitors and serving local residents. We look forward to see and hear their responses too!

East Dike is commissioned by the Shenzhen Water Bureau and designed by KCAP + Felixx in cooperation with China Resource Group, Hope Landscape & Architecture and China water transport planning & design institute.