Development of high-rise Leidsche Rijn to start

On November 29th, the development agreement for the MARK high-rise project in Leidsche Rijn has been signed by alderman Klaas Verschuure (Leidsche Rijn) on behalf of the municipality of Utrecht and the enterprises Koopmans Bouwgroep, J.P. van Eesteren and Stadswaarde, who work as consortium KEES together for this project. KCAP is as architect of one of the three towers part of the consortium, together with de Architekten Cie. (lead architect), Geurst & Schulze and Karres & Brands. With the signing, the further development of the iconic high-rise project can start. KEES will now elaborate the plans in more detail towards preliminary design. Construction should start in 2021.

MARK was selected around a year ago as winning scheme of a tender procedure. The plan consists of three towers of 80, 100 and 140 meters height, alternating with low-rise buildings of approximately 25 metres high. At that time, Verschuure called it a 'vertical village'. Both parties are pleased that the project can take a new step.

"Utrecht is facing an enormous construction challenge, because we are still one of the fastest growing cities in our country," says Verschuure. "People would love to live here. I am therefore very happy that we can take the next step now. We are going to build an iconic ensemble."

"The city of the future is a green city for everyone. In green cities, people live in healthy neighbourhoods, people work in circular buildings, we consume energy from natural resources and we eat sustainable food. With our vertical village MARK we have the ambition to contribute to this. We are proud to be able to realise MARK in Utrecht."

The ensemble will include approximately 1125 rental and owner-occupied houses with patios and green courtyards. 60 percent of the homes will be social and medium prize rental and units with care facilities. At various places in the towers, residents can meet each other, do sports and relax. The height of the ensemble is unique in our city: with MARK, Leidsche Rijn will have the tallest building in Utrecht.

MARK will be as sustainable as possible. The cooperating parties are striving for a WELL Gold certificate. The certificate focuses on the general well-being of the future residents by considering the air quality in the building, water management, incidence of light, fitness, well-being and comfort. Upon completion, MARK will be the first building complex in the Netherlands with this certificate. In addition, all residences will be delivered climate neutral (EPC=0) and energy efficient.