Ute Schneider to speak at Holland Property Plaza symposium Utrecht

Ute Schneider is one of the speakers of the annual Holland Property Plaza symposium that will take place May 15th in Utrecht. This year’s theme is 'Urbanisation', a challenging subject for anyone who is involved in the development of our cities of the future. Urbanisation and Mobility are closely related, and the speakers are asked to elucidate these two themes from their own perspectives. Ute will focus in her speech on ‘Flows – mobility and accessibility as driver for density, intensity and urbanity: how to organize station precincts as key centralities within the city context.’

The event takes place at Werkspoorkathedraal, the most iconic building of six remaining buildings of the former industrial site of the Werkspoor. Werkspoor is the short version of the formal name of the factory: “Nederlandsche Fabriek van Werktuigen en Spoorwegmaterieel”, an Amsterdam based steel factory which expanded its activities to Zuilen-Utrecht in 1912.

Currently, the location is being transformed by Utrecht entrepreneur Bob Scherrenberg together with Monk Architects to give it a new future as a place for working, learning and events and act as catalyst for the new future of the Werkspoor area.