Kees Christiaanse wins ARC17 Oeuvre Award

Kees Christiaanse, founder and partner of KCAP, is the winner of the ARC17 Oeuvre Award. The jury praises his work, his idiosyncratic vision of the city and his way of working, which is completely unique. On 30th of November the prize will be awarded at the ARC17 Award event in Amsterdam.

Patrick van der Klooster, chairman of the jury: "Unlike most architects and urban planners, Christiaanse fathoms the complexity of the assignment very well. He combines this skill with a great strategic understanding. The ability to commute between different levels and the people working at these levels shows his mastery."

"Kees Christiaanse recognizes the qualities of the nineteenth-century city. He renews this where possible, but embraces continuity where necessary. In this way he knows how to reconcile the existing city with the desired contemporary comfort. On the changes in spatial planning, with other ways of working and a shift from industry to service, Christiaanse comes up with compelling answers."

According to the jury, the Oeuvre Award can also be regarded as a prize for the KCAP office that he founded in 1989. Christiaanse has gathered a team that performs his views in a consistent manner. Completely in line with the intentions of the 'founding father', the agency works as a connector and derives authority from pure professionalism.

The ARC17 Oeuvre Award is annually awarded by the editors of ‘De Architect’ to a person who makes a lasting and innovative contribution to the improvement of the built environment. This year's jury consists of Patrick van der Klooster (AIR, chairman), Wienke Bodewes (Amvest), NinkeHappel (HCVA) and Harm Tilman (De Architect, secretary).