KCAP commissioned for block 4 Noorderhaven Zutphen

KCAP, in cooperation with ZECC Architecten, is comissioned by developer Heijmans for the architectural infill of plot 4 within KCAP's urban plan for Noorderhaven Zutphen. The block comprises of about 140 residential units surrounding a green inner courtyard and with a semi-underground located parking garage. It is located along the harbour and the river Ijssel. Its location calls for a continuation of the quayline with the design referring to the historical 'Ijsselfront of Zutphen', a row of stately white buildings along the river.

Within the cooperation of KCAP + ZECC, the block is divided in two parts. KCAP is responsible for the buildings along the river.

Noorderhaven is a 21 ha former industrial area which is being transformed into a high-quality, diverse and vivid urban district for living, working and recreation. As new urban quarter it will form an integral unity together with the inner city, the river Ijssel and the surroundings of the station area.