Book release: The Noise Landscape

"The Noise Landscape“ by Kees Christiaanse, Benedikt Boucsein, Eirini Kasioumi and Christian Salewski, has just been released with nai010 publishers. Through extensive documentation, maps and infographics, the book investigates the noise-affected areas around eight major European airports: Amsterdam, Zurich, London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Munich, Madrid, Paris Orly and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

More information about the book and how to order it:

International Symposium at the Landscape Triennial 2017

Author Kees Christiaanse will act as a keynote speaker during this international symposium at the Landscape Triennial 2017 on September 8th. He will elaborate on the Haarlemmermeer situation where urbanisation, air traffic and landscape are closely intertwined. Worldwide urban regions experience the pressure of urbanisation, climate change and intensive agriculture on their landscape. Simultaneously, regions start to acknowledge the importance of a vital and attractive landscape as a key success factor in the global battle for talent. The question is how to combine these increasing sustainability transitions with internal metropolitan demands, without loss of existing landscape qualities.