Start construction first block of urban regeneration Uktus Ekaterinburg

The first block within the urban regeneration of Uktus area in Ekaterinburg has started. The block accommodates apartments and commercial functions on ground level. KCAP is responsible for the masterplan as well as for the architectural design (1334 + 1415).

Uktus area is the place where the city of Ekaterinburg was born. It is gradually up to renewal. In the near future, the it will be densified intensively. With its strategic location between the inner-city and the recreational areas of Ekaterinburg, it is providing opportunities for improving the connection of the city center with the surroundings like the Uktus Mountains.

The program of the urban regeneration for the 25 ha site covers around 10.000 new residences, 65.500 m2 commercial program and three kindergardens. The first block is estimated to be completed in 2018.