Jeroen Dirckx to speak at Urban Transformation Conference Rotterdam

On May 17th, Rotterdam will host the third edition of the annual international Urban Transformation Conference (UTC). The program consists of six sub themes under the central theme Vital Cities. UTC targets city planners, architects, planners and administrators, politicians but also artists, active citizens, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Jeroen Dirckx, urban planner and associate of KCAP, will present FredericiaC within the session 'increasing complexity of integrated urban design processes'.

'As early as since 1989, KCAP Architects&Planners focuses on sustainable neighbourhood development with a strong social and health agenda. With GWL Terrein in Amsterdam, we pioneered in designing a car-free living environment with a strong sense of community. Today, we have devised a multidisciplinary design approach to confront the increasing complexity of integrated urban design processes. Exemplary for this approach is the CO2-neutral FredericiaC project in Denmark, which was designed in a participatory process. This transformation of a polluted former harbour area into a vital new city district includes themes like climate change adaptation, urban prosperity, energy efficiency, urban farming, temporary landscape and social cohesion. As a leading Rotterdam practice we can draw lessons from this project for Rotterdam.'

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