Vanke Minhang 2nd phase conference

In late September the 2nd phase of the Vanke Minhang Qibao International Business Park was presented in a conference held in Shanghai.

For an audience of about 500 people, including the directors of Vanke Shanghai and the Minhang Government, Xun Huang and Wenli Pan of KCAP presented KCAP's attractive design concept for the development. It follows the approach to link a great working environment to business success and creativity.This was illustrated at the levels of the masterplan, public space and also the architecture, which emphasizes one of KCAP’s key aspirations: to design throughout different urban scales.

Vanke Minhang Qibao's 2nd phase is now under construction and the selling of the available offices and commercial spaces has just kicked off. The construction site also appeared on google maps recently, which gives a good overview of the site and it's current constructionstate.