KCAP selected for Progetto Flaminio competition in Rome

KCAP is selected as one of 6 finalists out of 246 entries from 20 countries for the 'Progetto Flaminio' competition in Rome.

The Competition aims at the regeneration and development of a significant part of the city, the neighbourhood surrounding the City of Science, already characterized by an intense process of transformation.

The program accommodates a residential district of 35.000 m2, 10.000 m2 retail and leisure facilities and 14.000 m2public spaces together with City of Science.

KCAP teamed up with SPSK+ (local architect), Latz+Partner (landscape), Keoto (sustainability), Fakton (Cost) and Mlab (mobility).


The design phase for the finalists will run from April until June 2015.

Click here for the project website.