Symposium: Strategies and Planning Instruments for Polycentric City Regions

High quality of life, high pressure of growth: the population density in Central Switzerland - where two-thirds of the Swiss population lives - is the same as in the Netherlands, the most densely populated country in Europe. Amsterdam and Zurich not only share their importance as regional and national economic engine, but also the polycentric location and spatial, social and economic integration

How can spatial development processes of these large urban areas be successfully controlled? What are strategies and planning instruments?

The institute of Architecture and Urban Planning at ETH, chaired by Kees Christiaanse, organises in close cooperation with the City and Canton Zurich , SIA, FSU, VLP - ASPAN, RZU and the city of Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam on 4 April 2014 an all-day symposium with keynotes and workshops in which the exchange of experiences between Amsterdam and Zurich will be the focus.

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