KCAP selected for Bao'An West Coastal Zone competition Shenzhen

The team KCAP together with LAY-OUT, Shenzhen and Atelier Dreiseitl, Beijing is one of 8 shortlisted competitors of the Bao'An West Coastal Zone competition.

Bao'An Coastal zone is located in the west of Shenzhen and at the east side of the Lingdingyang Bay, the mouth for Pearl River enering the sea. The coastline to be planned comprises of 45 kilometers, which is a fifth of the 248 km of Shenzhen’s coastlines. It is an important part of Shenzhen’s city public coastlines and contains multiple spatial patterns including formed natural coastlines, inner bays, tidal flats, a peninsula and an offshore island. The area contains Shenzhen Bao'An Airport, major ports, terminals and other transportation and production facilities. Within the development strategy of ‘three zones, two hearts and one valley’ it is ultimately about building an international coastal city.

The designs have to be submitted in the middle of July, a jury result is expected by the end of July.