KCAP's design '010 Feyenoord Forum' stadium Rotterdam

KCAP Architects&Planners has been one of seven participants in the evaluation proces for the design of a new stadium for Feyenoord Rotterdam. KCAP's proposal 'Feyenoord Forum' places the stadium to the north of the existing stadium De Kuip. The original building will be maintained and refurbished in its original status.

The building of the new stadium and the redevelopment of the existing one are used as engine for the integral regional development of the area. This development is based on a program of sport, education and medical facilities, enriched with related retail, leisure, offices and housing. On this place topsport and public needs come together and take on social responsibility.

Unfortunately, the experts of the selection commission have not advised to develop further in this direction. Their report shortlists the proposals of the two consortia Bam and Red de Kuip to proceed with further evaluation to end up with one winner.