KCAP participant of multi-disciplinary ASRM Lab 2014 workshop in Frankfurt

KCAP participates as one of 8 KCAP international participants in the multi-disciplinary  4-days workshop ASRM Lab 2014 in Frankfurt, organized by the directors of Architektursommer Rhein-Main in association with D.A.M and the Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

The starting point for ASRM Lab 2014 is: great regions and great cities also have great wastelands, and the Rhein-Main conurbation - Germany’s global transport gateway - is no different. ASRM Lab 2014 aims to re-imagine, re-programme and re-invent some of the regions most problematic and neglected urban and semi-rural spaces - and in so doing explore ‘the regional city’ as a socio-spatial model for maximising the Rhein-Main’s physical, intellectual and social capital.

The ideas generated from the workshop will be exhibited at D.A.M - and at the opening, on May 20th, each participating practice will be invited to take part in a Pecha Kucha presentation.

ASRM Lab 2014: Region im Fluss represents Part I of the programme. Part II, ASRM Expo 2015: Region im Fluss, is scheduled for July-Sept 2015. This will comprise a series of temporary art/architecture interventions that will respond to the findings of the workshop, animating and disseminating our central theme: Zusammen Wachsend, cities growing together.

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