KCAP EVR win selection Tower Striga 1 in Antwerp, Belgium

KCAP Architects&Planners in cooperation with evr-Architecten win the architects’ selection ‘Tower Striga 1’ in Antwerp, Belgium. The selection commission including the client Triple Living and representatives of the municipal urban planning departments chose the team for the design of one of three residential towers for the project Antwerp Nieuw Zuid. This new residential area will develop along the Schelde in the south of Antwerp, based on a masterplan by Studio Associates Secchi-Viganò.

The winning scheme is a diverse residential tower with integrated offices and commercial functions. With its exceptional location at the park, it rises with its 80 meters of height as a new icon of Antwerp Nieuw Zuid. The 15.000 m2 building consists of a four-storey base and a 26-level tower, both forming one ensemble.

The concept is characterized by a wide variety of housing typologies for different target groups: young families, seniors, co-housers, singles and working couples. Given the particular location of the tower facing the park a large number of residential units are located at ground level.

The facade provides space for individual use and setbacks in the grid are used as collective green gardens for the residents. The plinth houses a double height passage, lobbies for the offices and residences and a ground-based active residential program.

‘The concept interprets the qualities of the typical Belgian house. The apartments are compact, efficiently organized and surrounded by a flexible structure, which is designed as a double height grid. The buyer has the opportunity to choose from a range of individualised features such as balconies, conservatories, small storages or green elements,’ says Han van den Born, partner of KCAP. ‘The constructive structure of the tower with a central core offers maximum flexibility for the distribution of the various typologies, the number of units per floor and allows for future adjustments. With the wide variety of apartments in this new urban environment the concept meets the lifestyles of our time,’ Han van den Born continues.

The applied sustainability concept features technical elements such as sustainable materials, green roofs, solar panels and an integrated system for gray water recovery. Based on wind and insolation studies the design resulted in a compact, energy-efficient and -productive volume. ‘But we can understand sustainability also literally as enduring over time. The potential of a project to last long is mainly based on peoples’ appreciation and the added value it can provide for as many users as possible for the longest possible time,‘ says Jan van den Broeke of evr-Architecten.

‘The design team was able to create an integral sustainable design. Both social and technical aspects were elaborated and gained shape in the architectural translation,’ praises the jury. ‘It is an integral concept, family-friendly and furthermore convinces as elegant and light building.’
The design team KCAP EVR combines special expertise in the field of urban architecture and sustainability. In addition, the team is complemented by Bureau Bouwtechniek as cost advisor and site supervisor.