KCAP designs new sculptural buiding for Fountainhead

On Thursday, November 20th, on the invitation of the Borneo Architectuur Centrum (BAC) Amsterdam, Irma van Oort, partner of KCAP Architects&Planners, presented the designs that were created in the past for the Fountainhead location in Amsterdam. Irma presented three plans, from the first plan of KCAP in collaboration with Steven Holl from 1995 to the latest plan by KCAP which gained planning permission in 2010. These ambitious plans fit within the constraints of the urban plan by West 8 from 1992. Meanwhile, the borough has issued a developers competition with another program and other urban conditions. The plans of three developers can be seen in the Borneo Architectuur Centrum. Between 1st  and 13th of November the public was called to vote for a winner. The winner has not yet been announced.

On the same evening of November 20th, Adriaan Geuze of West 8 held an exciting discourse on urbanism even when the program needs to be adjusted. "Borneo Sporenburg deserves a great finale, a sculptural building. Tightening programmatic principles is a perilous adventure to ask players to take risks without adequate urban check. That is for a city like Amsterdam not the usual state of affairs." With a sketched reflection he has shown that changing principles can also provide a nice completion of the plan. He also notes that Borneo Sporenburg, which today serves as a lively area, is in need of park space.

KCAP, together with a Dutch investor who also wants to take on the building obligation, is developing a sculptural building within the urban principles of Adriaan Geuze. The plan, which also fits in with the zoning plan, has a significantly smaller volume and houses apartments, special facilities on the ground floor and built parking facilities. A worthy plan for the completion of Borneo Sporenburg and an asset to the neighborhood.