KCAP awarded in Bao’an Coastal city masterplan competition Shenzhen China

KCAP Architects & Planners in cooperation with LAY-OUT Shenzhen and Atelier Dreiseitl Beijing has been awarded in the international conceptual design competition Bao’an Coastal city Masterplan in Shenzhen, China. The design is the result of the second round of the competition in which Team KCAP participated as one of 8 shortlisted participants out of more than 90 international submissions. The award included 1Million RMB price money and a position in the further development of the project.

Bao’an Coastal zone is located along the Pearl River delta. The area already contains many new developments including Shenzhen Bao’an Airport, major ports, terminals, new railways and roads and QianHai, a new city district around a new bay. ‘Due to the ‘hard and fast’ developments much of this landscape has vanished, the original coastline has already moved up by sometimes 5 kilometers and the development up until now has led to a harsh urban landscape dominated by large scale infrastructure and poor urban and landscape qualities,’ says Ruurd Gietema, urban planner and partner of KCAP.

Baoan sits along the large Pearl River Delta but used to be a delta in itself with 45 different creeks and rivers streaming through the area.  ‘Our project embraces this ‘forgotten’ supply of fresh water’ continues Ruurd Gietema. ‘Via ‘REPAIR BY DEVELOPMENT’ we transform it into an fresh water network which complements the salt water coastline with an extensive network of fresh and brackish water and green spaces’.

The water network consists of different character and water features: the salty sea water, various biotope zones for river purification, lakes as water reservoir, fresh water bays, mangrove banding zone as brackish water mixed with sea and fresh water, various canals and streams, water detention parks and so on. The fresh water network also position an agenda for regeneration of the wider territory together with the old villages and towards an resilient region.

As development framework it will be the basis for the transformation of a zone of approximately 33 x 7 kilometers – roughly the zone between the present (2014) and the historic (1994) shoreline. The different water features will set the stage for a wide range of urban environments and constitute a spectacular, rich and differentiated coastal city with 3 centers: New Airport City, XiWan and QianHai.