Tomorrow official opening of Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool

Tomorrow, September 20th, the extension of the Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool in Rotterdam will be officially opened. With the extension of one of the formerly two school locations, all facilities can be united again and help the school function as one institution. The new building adds 14 classrooms to the existing, monumental school building with 7 classrooms.

The school is located in a complex and small-scale urban situation which asks for a sensible design of the building mass, the materialization of the facades and the accessibility of the site. The existing building is a municipal monument, built in 1931 by  the brothers Evert and Herman Kraaijvanger, and renovated internally by KCAP in 2005. The new building is positioned behind the existing one on the courtyard and replaces a previous building with exact contours. New and old building are connected by a transparent multifunctional space.

The extension consists of three storeys with each six classrooms on the upper two floors and two classrooms, a gym and multifunctional space on the ground floor. Those common spaces on the ground floor can be combined to one large space and opened up towards the schoolyard. The classrooms share each as cluster of two a multifunctional space in the wide hallways for shared activities or special education purposes.

Material and construction focus on sustainability, easy maintenance, user-friendliness and flexibility for future use. The new building is labeled as ‘Frisse Scholen’ (fresh schools) class B and scores high sustainability results. The structure consists of a light wooden construction due to the difficult accessible building location. At the same time, the material wood creates a warm atmosphere in the interior.

The new location has been taken into use with the start of het new school year in early September 2013.