KCAP part of prequalified team for 'City In Between' competition Aalborg [DK]

KCAP as part of the multidisciplinary team led by Henning Larsen Architects is one of five prequalified participants in the international competition 'City In Between: Eastern Aalborg, strategy for an international & sustainable suburb', in Denmark.
With the competition the Municipality of Aalborg aims to contribute to the international debate on large scale strategic development of the sustainable suburb. The overall focus is to obtain qualified proposals describing how to promote cohesion within and among the areas of the suburb - physical, social, societal and organizational. The challenge is also to create synergi among the future investments.

The team of Henning Larsen Architects consists of KCAP, Jaja Architects, Orbicon, Marianne Levinsen Landscape Architects, Via Trafik Rådgivning, 2+1 Ideas Agency and Fakton Ventures.

The other participants are:
Allies and Morrison Urban Practitioners