KCAP among selected architects for Dutch-Turkish matchmaking workshop

The metropolis Istanbul grows exponentially. Not only the demand for extension of cities is increasingly urgent, the restructuring of existing urban areas is an urgent challenge. The architecture and construction sector in Turkey are growing. This offers opportunities for Dutch architects. Their knowledge in the field of cultural heritage and sustainable urban development can be of great value in Turkey. Therefore, BNA International brings Dutch architects together with Turkish clients and partner offices in a matchmaking program.

This matchmaking takes place on 17 and 18 October during a workshop in Istanbul. During the workshop, Dutch and Turkish architects will work together on a specific task in Istanbul. The workshop is the starting point of a long-term matchmaking program between Dutch architects and Turkish clients, but also between Dutch and Turkish architects.

KCAP is among the selected architects. Furthermore 3plus1 / Abbink X De Haas architectures, Braaksma Roos, The Cloud Collective, Heren 5 Architecten, Mecanoo, Powerhouse Company and wUrck.

Arzu Ayikgezmez of the selection commission: "With their diversity, the selected architects represent Dutch architecture practices in a positive way and have good chances to obtain commissions in Turkey."