Start construction Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool Rotterdam

The elementary school Nieuwe Park Rozenburgschool (NPRS) in Rotterdam will expand. A new building will be added to the existing monument of 1931. The monument will be renovated and linked to the new building with a glass volume. KCAP is responsible for both, the renovation and the design of the new building. The project is commissioned by the Municipality of Rotterdam. Preparation of the construction work has started this week. The new building is estimated to be completed in 2013.

Currently the school is spread over two locations within Rotterdam’s district Kralingen-Crooswijk. The extension of the location at Hoflaan allows to gather all facilities in one place.  The location Adamshofstraat will be closed after delivery of the new building.

KCAP is involved in the development of the NPRS Hoflaan from the very beginning by conducting the demolition of the existing building on the same site and renovating the monument for its current use as elementary school.

The new building reaches high sustainability scores and the ‘Frisse Scholen’ (fresh schools) , class B certificate.

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