Official opening parking garage Nieuwegein [NL]

Today the parkinggarages Stadshuis, Stadstheater and Kunstencentrum in Nieuwegein will be officially opened. They are part of the transformation of the center of Nieuwegein. The parking garages with a total of 1.200 parking spaces accomodate the program of the development of the city centre which comprises of 56.000 m2 new retail facilities, 198 residential units, offices, a new city hall (3xn architects), a new theater and art center (Architecten Cie) and the renovated Cityplaza.

KCAP is responsible for the underground garage of 20.000 m2 with 650 parkingspaces beneath the city hall, theatre, city square and city balcony. Additionally, KCAP has designed the house style and interior concept of the 9 new and renovated parking garages in the city center. The interior concept contains the choice of colours for the floors and walls, a concept for light walls, bording and routing. The wayfinding is enriched with light and sound art by the Polish artist Jaroslaw Flicinski and Spinvis (Erik de Jong).

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