Contracts signed for Noorderhaven Zutphen

On March 18th, the Municipality of Zutphen, housing corporations Woonbedrijf Ieder1, Ons Huis and the combination Heijmans Vastgoed and Proper-Stok will sign cooperation contracts for the development of Noorderhaven Zutphen. KCAP is responsible for the urban plan and together with Lodewijk Baljon for the landscape plan and will supervise the development.

Noorderhaven is a former industrial area which will be transformed into a high-quality, diverse and vivid urban district for living, working and recreation. As new urban quarter it will form an integral unity together with the inner city, the river Ijssel and the surroundings of the station area. Noorderhaven will offer a new city quarter for approx. 2.500 people including 1.000 residential units, offices, business and retail spaces, schools and cultural functions. Additionally, two new rail underpasses and a diversified network of public spaces with streets, squares, parks and a harbor will connect Noorderhaven with the city and the river.

Preparations for the construction of the first part of this project are estimated to start in the end of 2011.

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