Construction terminal extension and hotel Eindhoven Airport has started

The construction of the extension and redevelopment of Eindhoven Airport terminal and of a 120 room airport hotel has started, both designed by KCAP Architects&Planners and De Bever Architecten. The same team realised in 2005, in cooperation with NACO as ‘Constellation’, the existing terminal building. Its extension and the hotel are estimated to be completed in 2013 and form part of the urban development vision for Eindhoven Airport. The vision prescribes the future development of the airport into a node of mobility and business activity. The development program with hotel and expanded retail and restaurant facilities is a reaction to the amount of passengers which has, since 2005, grown above expectation.

The option for an extension has already been taken into account in the original design. It gains shape in a 65 m elongation of the departure hall adding 4.800 m2 to the ground floor and 3.000 m2 of office space on the first level.

The hotel is a six storey solitaire building on top of the terminal with 120 hotel rooms, a bar, breakfast room and fitness facilities on a total of 4.550 m2. Restaurants and meeting rooms are available in the terminal, the hotel lobby with reception desk and access to stairs and lifts is located in an entry zone added to the front of the terminal.

Terminal and hotel refer in form and material to each other with the hotel as a point of orientation. The energy concept of the extension aims to reach an A++ score. The existing terminal reaches A+.