Perm Strategic Masterplan presented at the Moscow Biennale [RU]

KCAP Architects&Planners presents its project, Perm Strategic Masterplan at the Moscow Architecture Biennale. The project has a central role in this year’s thematic framework “Modernizing the City”. The Biennale will officially be opened on May 26th.

Perm, capital of Perm Krai, is a large industrial city on the Kama river, with around 1 million inhabitants and some 1,400 km from Moscow. Geographically, it is the first European city west of the Ural Mountains. The Perm Strategic Masterplan proposes a comprehensive vision for the future development of this city. It defines essential spatial conditions, development potential, limitations and desirable qualities for the city.

The Masterplan describes opportunities and development directions over an extensive period of thirty, forty or even fifty years and adopts the Compact City approach. This model attempts to balance sustainable patterns of land and resource use with social and economic sustainability and a high quality urban environment.

“A Strategic Masterplan is not a fixed design that is drawn up and consequently put into built form. On the contrary, it is a transformation concept that outlines future development of the city with the status quo as point of departure. Contrary to a GenPlan or a Zoning Plan, the Strategic Masterplan is not a juridical document or a set of fixed laws. The Strategic Masterplan is meant to be a political agreement that is accepted by the City Council and the most important stakeholders of the city. Thus the Strategic Masterplan is more a set of guidelines than a legislative document”, says Markus Appenzeller, director of international projects of KCAP.

“With its strategies and tools the plan seeks to provide solutions within the context of cities planned under the socialist paradigm.  It will allow them to compete within the contemporary quest to offer quality of life for its present and future inhabitants,” says Kees Christiaanse, founder and partner of KCAP.

Since 2008, the Perm Strategic Masterplan has been developed by an international, multidisciplinary team led by KCAP. During the opening ceremonies of the Biennale, the Strategic Masterplan will officially be presented by Kees Christiaanse. The project will also published in a special edition of PROJECT RUSSIA and is subject to various discussions and events.

The Biennale, under the curatorship of Bart Goldhoorn, can be visited until May 30th 2010 in Moscow, Central House of Artists. For more information:

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