Xavier Blaringhem


Xavier Blaringhem studied at the National School of Architecture and Landscape in Lille and at TU Delft. In 2005, he graduated with honors as architect with focus on the urban and architectural transformation and diversification of French suburbs.

Xavier joined KCAP in 2004 and was appointed associate in 2015 and partner in 2018. In his time at both, KCAP Rotterdam and KCAP Zurich, he was involved in the design and realisation of several architectural projects and urban masterplans in the Netherlands, in Switzerland, France and Luxembourg, significantly contributing to KCAP’s presence in French speaking European countries. The projects range from new architectural developments to transformation of existing buildings and inner-city urban developments and large-scale urban visions. Sustainability on all scales, from building technology to social and urban aspects, have his special attention.

Next to his project related work, Xavier was involved in various commissions, juries and lectures in France and Switzerland.