KCAP is a leading international design firm specialised in architecture, urban design and landscape design, founded in 1989 by Kees Christiaanse. KCAP is known for the development of sustainable urban living environments, with buildings and public spaces that enliven and renew the city. In our designs, we combine our experience with architecture, urban planning and landscape design to create social and spatial cohesion. Designs with the necessary flexibility for adapting to the individual needs of users and new social developments.

Characteristic of our design approach is our ambition to add quality to the living environment in the city. Through vital programming, the buildings are connected with their surroundings. In the projects that we develop, new concepts for living and working, culture, sustainability and infrastructure go hand in hand with the social aspects for current and future generations.

Field of work
With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, KCAP has gained extensive experience in large-scale urban design and master planning, waterfront redevelopments, campus design and public transportation hubs. Architectural designs range from housing, education and care to public and utility buildings and mixed-use programs. KCAP develops concepts and visions that address sustainability, urbanisation and infrastructure. KCAP is connected to various urban research programs.

KCAP is based in Rotterdam and has two branch offices in Zurich (CH) and Shanghai (CN). KCAP Zurich was established in 2006 after winning two international design competitions in Zurich. KCAP Shanghai, established in early 2011, supports KCAP’s growing portfolio in China. 

KCAP is led by eight partners: Xavier Blaringhem, Kees Christiaanse, Jeroen Dirckx, Ruurd Gietema, Anouk Kuitenbrouwer, Irma van Oort, Ute Schneider and Edward Schuurmans. Ernstjan Cornelis holds the position of managing director.

This team is completed by associate partners Hyeri Park, Masha Pidodnia, Pieter Theuws, Michael Trinkner (KCAP Rotterdam), Yoo Na Ho, Andraž Intihar (KCAP Zurich), Ya-Hsin Chen (KCAP Shanghai), director Frank Werner (KCAP Rotterdam) and director Communications Bastiaan van der Sluis (KCAP Rotterdam).

KCAP employs a staff over 100 professionals including architects, urban designers and landscape architects of about 20 nationalities. Mentoring systems and maintaining close ties to major universities in Europe and Asia, to ‘think tanks’ and non-governmental institutions, fostering young architects and promoting an ongoing research culture within the office, have earned KCAP a reputation as progressive and humanist organization. KCAP handles a ‘collegiate’ approach at every level, which enables design and management to collaborate and contribute their individual expertise to all phases of the projects.