Z9 CBD 北京 [中国]

‘Z9’ is an international headquarter tower at the south-eastern corner of Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) core. The commission asked for a characteristic office tower for an international media company that respects this highly prominent location at the main east-west axis of the city. The 171 m high tower offers on 39 storeys 70.000 m2 of office space and 14.000 m2 mixed-use functions such as a restaurant, exhibition hall and roof terrace.

The central aspect of the design is to create a spatial experience for all users and visitors of the building to counterbalance the virtual world of the media industry. An atrium configuration merges four standard office slabs into an efficient structure. The central vertical hall creates an exceptional experience. Following a spiraling route up into Z9 a series of public functions bring the city life into the building: the red banquet hall, the exhibition space, a golden lounge. The route culminates in a green roof garden with views into the heart of the CBD.

The vertical façade elements of the tower strengthen the sculptural quality of the building and give the tower its highly elegant look. The special openings reveal a glass façade with a minimalistic construction, enabling the public program to shine outwards. The heavy, solid appearance of the main façade contrasts with the open and transparent glazed parts and enables the inside world to really turn to the outside. The powerful and sculptural building highlights the important corner of CBD core area.

Client SINO-OCEAN Land Holdings Limited, Beijing
Program 84.000 m2 office tower of which 70.000 m2 offices and 14.000 m2 public functions, retail, mixed-use
Time 2010
Role Architect in cooperation with Beijing Institute for Architectural Design (BIAD)