Tirana Northern Boulevard City 地拉那 [阿尔巴尼亚]

Tirana Northern Boulevard City (TNBC) is a structural vision for the area to the north from Tirana city center. The development of the ‘Tirana Northern Boulevard’ and ‘Tirana river valley’ is used as a catalyst. The catalyst will be developed as a complex, diverse and active urban landscape fully integrated within Tirana’s urban fabric. The boulevard will connect the formal and informal city and will provide networks and public spaces, as well as establish a new hub for business, leisure and life. The development of the river valley will improve the local living conditions, creating a strong identity in addition to the existing city.

NTBC will be a place where global attractions co-exist with emerging new Northern Tirana neighborhoods, combining the best of city living in one district. It will be a place offering the best in knowledge, service, leisure and cultural amenities and urban parks, and at the same time creating places to live that are rooted in the ethos and fabric of Northern Tirana’s diverse and vital communities. It is organized as a ‘connected urban mosaic’ with development of various districts within a framework of infrastructure, public spaces, landscape en water.Over the next 25 years, TNBC is expected to deliver 8.000 new homes and 7.000 – 8.000 new jobs along with education, health, and community facilities, making a significant contribution to Tirana’s housing, employment and community needs.


Client Municipality of Tirana
Program 219,5 ha masterplan for mixed urban functions including residences, commercial functions, retail and leisure, infrastructure; extension of 5 km boulevard as city axis
Time 2011 - 2012
Role Masterplanner in cooperation with Metro_POLIS Architecture and Planning, Tirana
Participating parties Systematica, Milano (traffic design and strategic transport modelling)