The Student Hotel 代尔夫特 [荷兰]

The Student Hotel Delft will be realised on a central spot at Delft Central Station and the future Van Leeuwenhoekkwartier. On this location, The Student Hotel offers a vivid meeting place for tourists, business travelers, students, young professionals and foodies. It will be the first TSH in Delft after the brand has opened accommodations in university towns like Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Groningen as well as in Barcelona and Paris previously.

Meeting each other is the central theme regardless whether you visit the hotel to work, study, stay, sport or eat. The Student Hotel combines high-level hotel amenities with qualitative short- and long-stay facilities like a gym, bar-restaurant, library, gaming and lounge spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms and spaces for co-working.  This combination creates liveliness and lifestyle and targets a diverse audience.

The different functions are combined in a composition of a base-volume, counting five or six layers, with two towers on top. The plinth on ground level accommodates all public hotel functions to enliven and activate the public domain on the station square and towards the adjacent park. The upper levels offer space for various room typologies: single, standard and suites, ranging from 13 to 25 m2. The most striking element of the hotel is the transparent façade facing the station and the future park. Also part of the hotel is an integrated bike storage, including shared bikes.

The Student Hotel is part of the development Nieuw Delft, a new district located centrally within the city. Start construction of the hotel is planned for 2018. The complex comprises of approximately 14.000 m2 and will be realized in the summer of 2019.


Client The Student Hotel
Program 14.000 m2 hotel complex with 342 hotel rooms, gym, bar-restaurant, library, gaming and lounge spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, co-working spaces and integrated bycicle parking facility
Time 2016 - present
Role Architect