Tattistraat 鹿特丹 [荷兰]

The residential complex with 32 apartments for elderly people is situated at the intersection of Romanohof and Tattistraat in the ‘Lage Land’ district in Rotterdam near a square with a lot of shops and care organizations.

The building has a shape of a trapezium with a big atrium in its heart. All apartment are accessible from this atrium. The galleries on each floor provide a visual connection, besides, the covered courtyard might serve as a meeting space for inhabitants.

The small scale of the complex is ensured by its stepped shape from 3 to 5 floors. Applied materials, such as brick and wood, integrate the complex into the neighbourhood. Special attention is paid to the accessibility of the apartments and the lay-out of the floor plans, so that less mobile people also easily can move around.

Client Zaanse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij BV, Zaandam
Program Design of 32 sheltered housing apartments of 85 m2 average size
Time 2004 - 2007